closed wefted wig cap The closed wefted HM cap has a natural skin top that resembles a scalp. From the crown to the nape, there is a single piece of stretch material with wefts sewn horizontally across from ear to ear. This cap has a snugger fit and because the single piece of material is completely closed to the head, it prevents hair from the head from coming through. Due to the snug fit, many women wearing wigs for Alopecia or wigs for cancer prefer the closed wefted cap.


The open wefted cap has a natural skin top that resembles a scalp. From the crown to the nape, there are many wefts (rows of hair) sewn horizontally across from ear to ear. The area between each weft is open so the cap does not feel as tight on the head. When pinning a wig up, the open wefts allow the pins to go through the cap and be fastened to the hair growing from the head, which assures a firmed hold. The open wefts also allow more ventilation to the scalp. The SL1, SL2, and Ponytail styles are not available in the open wefted cap.


hand tied wig cap Hand-Tied caps are when each hair strand is hand-knotted on the cap.It provides a comfortable fit and a natural feel since the hair appears to grow naturally from your scalp. Hand tied caps are very delicate and less durable than a closed wefted option and may require more maintenance. It may stretch more easily and may need alterations over time. This option is ideal for women experiencing scalp sensitivity.






  • Milano offers a Freedom design in both the open and closed wefted cap.
  • The Freedom cap uses a unique fiber and is constructed with a patent pending design that allows a wig to be worn without clips or combs, yet remains firmly on the head; an ideal wig for Alopecia and hair loss due to cancer.

Freedom Cap Close Wefted

Freedom Cap Material

Freedom Cap open Wefted




Close Wefted Silicon Cap

Silicone Closed Wefted (HM)

  • The silicone closed wefted cap offers a comfortable silicone in key area around the cap to prevent the wig from slipping.
  • It allows the wig wearer the ultimate comfort and security without the use of clips, combs, glues and tapes.
  • This cap is ideal for women suffering from any type of full hair loss.






The iFront has a seamless invisible hairline for the most natural look. The hairline is sewn into a mesh, lace-like material to create the illusion of hair coming directly out of the wearers own scalp. This type of cap is great to wear in an elegant style with the hair all going back, but can also be worn as an everyday look with bangs just as you’d wear a standard wig cap.


Zig Zag Hair Line The Zig Zag front creates a natural and seamless front hairline. It is
crafted from ½” of a natural color swiss lace that is cut in a unique
pattern to blend seamlessly with your front hairline and prevent fraying.
There is a reinforced thread going along the front to strengthen the lace
and prevent fraying. The lace in the front can be cut further to match with
the outline of your hairline. Although this is the most natural look it does
require more maintenance. All lace will stretch and may fray over time. Lace must be handled delicately or it may tear. When this occurs a repair may be necessary to tighten or patch the lace. Please call Milano repairs if you notice this occurring.


Standard Hair Line The standard hairline has a 1/8” folded lace in the front. Hair is under
wefted all across the hairline to cover the cap. The hair is sewn down to cover the base but it can be blown to the side, back or down. The standard hairline is good for clients that prefer full bangs. To create a natural look for side bangs it  is advised to style the hair in the front with a round brush and tease some hair to hide the front part.
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