When you are looking to purchase a wig there are several questions you must ask to assure the perfect wig for you.


What price range am I looking for?

  • Milano has both natural virgin hair and processed hair. Processed hair is more inexpensive, but the color may need to be maintained more often. Natural virgin hair is of better quality and will hold its color longer.

What color am I looking for? – Milano offers a wide range of colors

  • Please see our chart to determine the right color for you. Please check with your sales representative once a color has been chosen to see if it is in stock. Processed colors are more readily available. Colors for virgin hair may require custom order. Once a color decision is made, it is now time to determine the length you are interested in.

What cap type am I looking for?

  • The open wefted cap is a better fit for a person that has a larger head, is sensitive to headaches & likes to secure the hair on their wig to their own hair underneath when wearing it up. The closed cap is a good fit if you a smaller head and do not like hair to be able to go through the cap. The stretch net prevents the hair from going through.

What length & cut am I looking for? – Milano has a variety of styles in different lengths

  • Please see the different styles to determine the length you are looking for. Once you have identified a length and color it is time to determine the can you want.



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