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Proper maintenance of your Milano wig will allow you to enjoy your wig for a long time.

When not wearing your wig:

  • Always store it on a mannequin or foam head to help keep its optimal shape and style.
  • Store your wig in an area that is not in direct sunlight to prevent the color from fading faster.
  • Wigs should be washed approximately every 3-4 weeks if worn daily.
  • Your Milano wig should always be washed by an experienced stylist who is familiar with the techniques of washing premium wigs.
  • Only professional grade products should be used when caring for your Milano wig.
  • Products for each wig should be specific to the nature of its hair.
  • It is recommended to use sulfate free styling products if your wig has been processed or color treated.
  • Brush your wig regularly, especially by the nape area, to prevent tangling. Brush from the ends of the hair and work your way up. This technique minimizes hair loss.
  • If the wig tears or is damaged it should be looked at by a professional wig repairer right away to determine the scope of the repair and the urgency to make sure no further damage will be caused to the wig.

All Milano Wigs are crafted with the highest quality hair and should be treated delicately. If applying heat to the hair, use a heat protectant product to prevent the hair from heat damage.



Your Milano wig was meticulously handcrafted with the finest hair in the world. Follow these tips to learn how to make your Milano Wig make you look and feel your best!

If you are wearing your wig over your own natural hair, put your natural hair in a low ponytail or braid. Lift the pony/braid towards your forehead and pin it in place. Then secure your ponytail/braid in place using bobby pins, clips, nylon wig cap, or net wig cap. This will help avoid any bump in the back of your head caused by your hair.

  • For Milano Freedom Cap Wigs: Place your wig directly on your head. If the wig needs repositioning lift it up and place it in its proper position. Sliding a Freedom cap forward may cause the Freedom material to bunch together and prevent it from lying flat
  • Secure both earpieces (the material that goes above the ears) evenly above both ears to assure your wig is on straight
  • Bend the bones (wires that are sewn into the earpiece) inward so the earpieces lay flat on your head and do not stick outwards.
  • For more information about putting on your wig please visit :



It is very important to make sure your wig’s fit is snug & comfortable.

  •  Fasten the straps underneath the earpieces into the appropriate slot located at the nape.
  • Choose the slot that creates the best fit.
  • For Freedom Cap: Pull the elastic located at the nape until the wig feels snug. Then tie in a knot to hold that position.
  • For iFront Cap: Adjust the Velcro, lift the strap and place it along the Velcro tab in the desired position where the cap feels snug.

If your wig is still too tight or loose please visit a Milano Showroom to determine whether the wig needs to be altered or adjusted.



Milano Wigs come in various lengths, styles and textures. PRIOR TO CUTTING YOUR WIG:

  • Consult a professional stylist to determine if your desired style will work with the length and texture of your wig.
  • Milano has a service department with experienced wig stylists that can cut and color your wig to your desired look.
  • To find out more about Milano’s salon and color Services click here to see details or visit our New York or Los Angeles Showrooms.



Applying color to your wig adds another dimension and gives it a more natural look. There are many options of color services that can be performed on your Milano wig. Color is applied differently to wigs than to regular hair, so be sure your colorist is experienced with premium wigs. To help protect your wig and achieve your desired result, always ask your colorist to test strand your wig before applying color to the entire wig. Milano has many experienced professional colorists that can cater to your needs Services include:

Highlighting, low lighting, rooting, ombre techniques, and custom colors. 

Please email customer service at or visit our New York or Los Angeles showroom for your free color consultation.

Virgin European hair can be lightened or darkened and can achieve various color techniques.

Premium Processed Hair has been color treated in our factory. For Medium Brown and lighter colors, it is NOT advised to lighten further with color services, since the hair has already been colored. Adding darker dimension may be done, but should be performed by an experienced wig colorist. Color results may vary, so it is recommended that a strand test be performed prior to full application.


Milano caps come in standard sizes though if required they can be adjusted or altered to suit your needs. If your wig tears or is damaged, please contact the repair center at 1-888-MILANO-3 or to have your wig evaluated. Do not attempt to fix/alter your wig on your own. Additional charges apply.If you have any questions or comments please e-mail



When traveling with a human hair wig, it is very important to pack it in a round wig travel case. The roundness keeps the shape of the wig cap. It also allows the hair to lay in a circular motion which prevents kinks in the hair. The round travel case can be packed in a suitcase or carry-on or taken a stand-alone with you wherever you may travel. It is important to place it gently with the inside of the wig cap facing upwards.  When you arrive at your destination take the human hair wig out, give it a shake and you should be good to go.