Financing Agreement

 Q. Can I finance at a sales event?
A. A maximum of three month's financing is available during sales events.


Q. How much is the down payment?
A. The down payment is a minimum of 30% (or 50% at sales events)


Q. Can I finance outside of the United States?
A. No.


Q. What information is required to finance?
A. A valid drivers license or passport #, U.S. social security # is required for all financing customers. 


Q. Is there any interest involved with financing?
A. No there is no interest. There is a $5 per month administrative fee which will be added to each monthly payment. The administrative fee is $5 regardless of the amount being financed. 


Q. Can I return a financed wig if the wig has not been paid in full yet?
A. No. A financed wig is the same as a wig purchase and the same exchange policy applies. If the wig is exchanged for a lower value the remainder is kept as a credit, not a refund.


Q. How can I finance?
A. You will be requested to present a valid drivers license or passport and complete a financing application at time of purchase. Financing payments must be made via Visa or MasterCard only.  


Q. Can I finance when purchasing online?
A. Yes. Choose your wig and before reaching the payment section of the checkout process then contact the Milano financing department by phone at (562) 426-2971 or by email at A Milano Financing representative will respond within one business day to complete the process.


Q. Can I finance more than 1 wig?
A. Only one wig may be financed at one time. Once the financing has been completed you can finance another wig.

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