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Virgin European Hair

Milano sources the finest virgin European hair available in the world. Virgin hair means that it is has not been processed and is the original color. Virgin European hair is the best hair available due to its texture feel and look. It can also be highlighted and dyed very easily as you would dye or highlight hair on a head. The color also lasts much longer and will not fade or oxidize as quickly as processed hair. With time it may get lighter in the sun like natural hair on a head. Like all natural hair to get the best results it must be styled after washing.

Premium Processed Human Hair

Our premium processed hair is good quality human hair that has been colored to achieve the desired color. Because it is not the original natural color it may fade quicker. The hair tends to be straighter but will hold a curl very nicely when styled. It is a more affordable option since the hair does cost less and there is a wider range of a colors available to choose from because it is dyed.

*The following styles come only in processed hair: PT, Victoria, Reese, Gisele.

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